Jordan meeting Chef Massimo Bottura

On November 13, I had the unbelievable opportunity to meet Chef Massimo Bottura at a Q&A and book signing that took place at the George Brown College Centre for hospitality and culinary arts.

Massimo Bottura is the chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a critically acclaimed restaurant that he opened in 1995 in Modena, Italy which has since received the #1 spot in the World’s 50 Best restaurants in 2016. Canadian Chef’s John Higgins, Jeremy Charles, and Antonio Park were also in attendance as they addressed a variety of different issues in today’s food industry, such as food waste, at the discussion that was held at the event.

At the event they also spoke about Massimo’s new book published last month titled Bread Is Gold where him, along with 9 of the 45 top chefs in the world, developed over 150 recipes that turn everyday ingredients into exceptional 3 course meals which I personally believe could change the lives of many. The type of groceries that would be found in the household of a single mother are vastly different than in a Chef’s home, so this book could bring more life to the kitchen of many who struggle to bring new ideas with regards to meals in the house, as well as culinary students like myself and Dominic who will learn more about great cooking with simplifying ingredients.

It was an extraordinary honour for both us to meet one of my favourite chefs at my own school, he signed my book, took pictures with me and I even got to meet his wife.

Overall the event influenced us a great deal, to meet someone you look up to so heavily is always an eye opening experience, and has made me want to work that much harder on my craft and expand my knowledge more.

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