Jordan meeting Chef Vikram Vij

Vikram Vij moved to Alberta in 1989 to work at the Banff Springs Hotel, he shortly after opened up the highly praised Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver BC in 1994. Vikram also became a part of the hit reality television show Dragon Den in 2014.

Vikram has always been one of my favourite chefs and has inspired me ever since I started taking cooking seriously.

Earlier this year I took a trip out to Vancouver and of course I had to visit Vij’s Restaurant.

I ended up meeting Vikram and got to spend some time with him; he shared stories about himself growing up, getting into the food industry and gave me an enormous amount of motivation with his knowledgeable words. Shortly after we emailed back and forth a handful of times which was when he said to me; “Remain focused, work hard and just work towards a great life experience”, which is a quote that has been important to me since and has changed my overall outlook on my life and future. Visiting his restaurant and being able to nourish myself in the delicious food was the highlight of my trip.

I admire him as a person so much and meeting him only made me look up to him more, his talent and many successes in the industry is truly something to admire. I invited him to my home the next time he’s in Toronto as it would be a true honour to prepare a meal for someone I’ve been inspired by for so many years. I hope to follow in Vikram Vij’s footsteps one day.

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