The Problem of Food Waste in Canada

Food waste is a tremendous problem in Canada, fortunately there is much more you can do to help than one might think.


Food waste has become an undervalued issue in today’s society, with most common household’s not thinking much about where the leftover food goes. While it may seem like a negligible issue, the numbers behind the facts are immensely eye-opening.

Approximately $31 Billion dollars is spent on food each year that will end up being thrown out or lost, this adds up to about 40% of all food produced in Canada, these numbers reach higher than the total GDP (Gross domestic product) of the 29 poorest countries in the world combined.

In fact, households alone waste approximately $1,456 worth of food every year.

However, everyday consumers aren’t the only ones contributing to this problem with 53% of wasted food occurring during processing and distribution procedures.

All this causes more problems than one may think, land filled organic matter creates methane gas which damages the environment 25 times more than carbon dioxide.


So what can you do to help? It’s the little things that count, slightly changing a few grocery store habits and how you treat meals at home can make an extensive difference in due time.

How you shop for your groceries plays an important role in the food waste discussion, making a list and shopping with future meals in mind will limit how much food you’re going to waste in the days to come, knowing what food you’re definitely going to use is key.

At home it can be easy to forget what’s in the back of the fridge or the cupboard but staying on top of it and regularly checking what’s being used and what’s not is important in knowing what you should and shouldn’t be buying at the grocery store, this can help your budget as well, no sense in buying food that no one in the house seems to be eating! Repurposing leftover food helps eliminate food waste as well as bringing new ideas to the kitchen, getting creative with a dish from the night before works wonders for the cause and for your tastebuds.


My company and I have been working very hard to ensure that we are constantly taking the right steps to support the cause by establishing various routines in our cooking habits to limit food waste to the best of our ability.

We spend as much time as possible planning ingredients for meals ahead of time for events we are hosting. We then buy all the ingredients very close to the day of the event. Doing this, we are certain everything is fresh and we are using exactly what we will need so that we don’t over prepare. Knowing how many guests we will be cooking for is essential for this process so we can ensure that we will have every meal, for every guest, planned out, ready to be made and enjoyed. Utilizing the ingredients in the kitchen is vital, when preparing a meal we always make sure we are using every piece of food possible from our list of ingredients.

Leftover food can’t be avoided 100% of the time, so when we are left with extra, we always take the time out to donate the leftover food to local charities and food banks.


We need to bring widespread attention to the amount of food we waste on a daily basis; our goal with this campaign is to encourage everyone to play their part in helping to decrease the enormous numbers in the stats regarding food waste.

We are always looking for more ways to help decrease the amount of food we waste every day. To maximize our dedication to the cause we ask you to do everything in your power to help make sure less food is wasted in your household and to spread the message, it is a substantial problem in our world today and with applying the slightest bit of effort and making miniscule changes to your grocery shopping and cooking habits, you will help in more ways than you can imagine.

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