Why did Jordan want to be a Chef?

I wanted to become a Chef ever since I was a young boy. I grew up watching my mother in the kitchen and became very interested in cooking and the use of different spices. I started experimenting with ingredients and techniques and began preparing meals a few times a week for my family. They really enjoyed the food I made for them and encouraged me to do more. I love the feeling I get when I see people enjoying the food I created after their first bite. I always like watching the Food Network on television and learning about the different styles of cooking from around the world. Culinary arts interested me throughout my high school career and made me want to apply for a co-op placement in the field of Culinary. I was accepted at Lone Star Texas Grill for a co-op position. Throughout my experience at the restaurant, I learned several valuable skills that are beneficial to me to this day. I progressed and went on to become a part-time employee working as a line and prep cook. I love the restaurant industry to this day and my goal is to own my own restaurant in the future.

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