Jordan volunteering at Regent Park Community Food Centre

On Monday February 10, 2019 I had a wonderful opportunity to partake in the breakfast program at Regent Park Community Food Center. My classmates and I participated in helping to prepare and serve the guest who came to the community center for a free breakfast. I’ve loved the restaurant industry since I first got into it and nothing has made me question my choice to go to George Brown to become a Chef, when I saw people take the first bite of the meals we worked on, and seeing their face light up with delight—it is an indescribable feeling of pride that never fails to reignite my passion for cooking as well as remind me of why I do what I do. It would personally be an honor for me to be able to assist with the breakfast program for the people at Regent Park Community Food Centre. I am glad all of the guest enjoyed the meals as much as I did for helping prepare it.  

Regent Park Community Food Centre helps to increase the food access in the community by making food very accessible almost every day for those in need. RPCPC meal program is open to anyone in need of a free meal no questions asked for a healthy breakfast or lunch. They serve fresh, organic and nutritious meals on a drop-in basis. Breakfast is served two days a week while lunch is served four days a week. Breakfast usually attracts around 130 members and lunch serves about 250 members. The meals are made from scratch and are either prepared by staff or volunteers. They aim to use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients because they believe that all people should be able to eat healthy and fresh food. Vegetarian options are also available to the community and all meat is certified Halal.

RPCFC supports Slow Food values because all the food that they serve to the community is organic and fresh. Everything that they get is locally sourced. While volunteering I got to witness all three categories of good, clean and fair. For example, all of the produce we received was organic all from local producers. This represents fair trade since it is a donated products and good conduction produce for what you are receiving. RPCFC would serve a different countries food every day to cater to everyone’s pallet. This demonstrates good since it is a fresh and seasonal dish that is a part of the local culture.

We as chefs can be agents of change by giving back to the community. Some volunteer experiences I have been a part of for the past few years range from catering for my local church as well as helping out with Qusis banquet hall where I helped prepared home for people who cannot afford them. While I am catering for the church I cater for the bingo nights for the seniors as well as the youth program at the church. I always love to give the church a hand when I can. Being a part of the church changed my life as giving up a little bit of my time can make over 100 people smile and talk about my meal until I come back for the next time. I strive to come monthly to the church to help out for the teens program as they always welcome me back every time.

Shelly Coish”,
Youth Minister, St Isaac Jogues Parish
“Thanks again Jordan, everyone loved both dishes they were a hit. These people are hard to please and some are chefs as well and loved it. Thank you
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