Jordan's Future Plan

My name is Jordan Diniz, I am a 20-year-old chef currently enrolled in the Postgraduate Italian

Culinary Arts Program at George Brown, while running and promoting my own catering

business from home.

My culinary career started in high school, working at brand name restaurants in my area until I

began the Culinary Management program at George Brown where I received a placement at the

Shangri La Hotel in Toronto.

Through these experiences I have learned valuable lessons that have broadened my horizons,

challenged my work ethic and given me a more passionate outlook towards the art of food. I

have had many opportunities in the past to perfect my craft and practice new techniques and

routines that have strengthened my skillset to the point of feeling confident in my abilities.

I was very fortunate to be accepted into my postgraduate program which allowed me to spend 4

months in Italy. There I studied at one of Italy’s finest culinary schools, ALMA La Scuola

Internazionale di Cucina Italiana for 3 weeks. I spent the remainder of my trip working at one

star Michelin restaurants Dolce Stil Novo in Piemonte and Al Metro in Abuzzo.

This gave me hands on experience with some of the best chef professors in the country. Using

the local markets and vineyards of Italy as a blank canvas for my art allowed me to expand my

creativity in the kitchen and really see what I’m capable of.

Some of my volunteer work includes cooking for my local church’s youth group, as well as

preparing and serving a free breakfast at the Regent Park Community Centre. This organization’s

goal to increase food accessibility in the community opened my eyes to tackling problems in the

industry that seem unsolvable. I will always go out of my way when it comes to serving the

hungry, preventing food waste or helping the community in any way possible.

A few students including myself will be attending a conference this Saturday held by Food

Forward. The benefits of implementing more plant-based foods into our cooking will be

discussed, showcasing how this would help prevent various diseases as well as help the

environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Chef’s have an important role to play when it comes to health, nutrition and food waste and I

plan on doing all I can throughout my career to address issues in these fields. I wrote a blog post

on my website regarding the worldwide problem of food waste and how people can reduce the

amount of food wasted in their household.

Since 2018, a few friends and I have been visiting farms across Ontario in our free time to speak

to real farmers on the importance of sustainability.

In the near future, I plan on using produce and meats only grown in Ontario for the majority of

my cooking. It’s going to be a tough routine to apply, but I’m dedicated to adding a nutritious

agenda to my work.

Once I’m finished school, I plan on building up my catering company and the Chef Jordan brand

until I can branch off into running my own restaurant. I’m still very young and only started

taking my cooking seriously about 5 years ago. I need to learn everything I can, not just food and

nutrition wise, but from a business and mentoring perspective as well.

The road ahead of me is unimaginably long but seeing someone’s face light up as they first bite

into a meal I’ve prepared for them will always keep me going and remind me why I do what I


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