Farm Tour Day

On Monday 15th 2019, my classmates and I had the honor to go on an excursion where we visited several farms and ate lunch at the Avening Community Centre in Southern Ontario. Our day started off at K2 Milling, where they specialize in a number of specialty flours like icewine, cranberry, and blueberry. The owner Mark talked about his experience in the industry and how the process works. While I was there, I purchased the icewine flour, blueberry flour, and raven rye flour. They are located in Beeton, Ontario.

Our second stop was at Mitchell Family Farm. They are a family farm, they raise pasteurized Berkshire pigs, Muscovy ducks, and organically grown garlic as well. They are located at Creemore, Ontario. Peter showed us the farm and where the pigs live. He also talked us through the challenges that they face on a daily basis. They are currently working to producing blueberries this summer, where you can find at the Creemore Farmer’s Market.

Our third stop was for lunch at the Avening Hall, where all the producers joined us to eat and share their stories. Lunch was provided by Azzura Trattoria. For lunch they served pork from Mitchell Family Farm, which was braised for a few hours in apple cider and salt and pepper. Followed by a local bread and butter and salad from The New Farm. My favorite part was how tender and flavorful the pork was, yet how simple it was to cook it. Lunch was finished off with a rhubarb and whip cream dessert. They also introduced as to Sapsucker Filtered Maple Tree Water and Pluck Tea which was to die for.

Our fourth stop was at The New Farm. The New Farm is a certified organic family farm. Located on the crest of Niagara, Ontario. They produce premium quality organic vegetables for retail stores, wholesale customers, and over 120 restaurants across Ontario. They specialize in premium salad greens, heirloom potatoes, rainbow beets, and Japanese cucumbers.  

Our fifth and final stop was at Lennox Farm which was located in Melancthon, Ontario. The farm originated in 1880’s making the current family the fifth generation of farmers. Their main crops include rhubarb, peas, and Brussel sprouts. They are one of the only few rhubarb farms left in Ontario. The crops are available at many grocery stores and Farmer’s Markets across Ontario and United States. While being at the farm, I got a chance to talk to one of the farmers and he sold me 10 pounds of beautiful bright red rhubarb. I was greatly appreciated to purchase a large quantity of rhubarb at a discounted price. With this rhubarb I will preserves majority of it and can them and use the rest for pies and tarts for Easting weekend.

To conclude the extraordinary day, I learned a lot about several products and made several connections which will help me in my career. I am very excited to use my new products and see what great creations I can make and share with everyone. I am greatly appreciated that I got the honor to participate in the Italian program and be part of the slow food class. After the slow food class, I have been greatly influenced to rebrand my catering company to source everything from Ontario farmers. This will help my customers know exactly where their food is coming from and hope they will enjoy it more.


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